Hey guys! My name is Christina, or Chrissy for short, and I live in California. I have been collecting pokemon items for a long time but mostly of random items I came across on ebay. After Vulpix Crystal Season came out last October, I pay closer attention to the releases so I can get them all at once (and pay more reasonable prices!).  I recently discovered livejournal and I love seeing everyones collections! There's so much merch I never knew existed!

My favorite Pokemon is Vulpix and I'm always looking for merchandise of him. Some of my other favorite pokemon are Flareon, Sylveon, Litten, Fennekin, Dedenne and more!

I collect plushies, stickers, pens, pencils and washi tape mostly but I occasionally buy pins, pouches and figures.

Now for the collection pictures! This is just some of the stuff I have. I keep most of it stored away until I move out.

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